Sprig Sprouts

  A sprig_sprout- (n) is an alligator hair clip with a synthetic fauna or other decor attached  so that it sticks out from itself, like Alfalfa’s hair from the Little Rascals. Except bright, colorful and fun.

A new sprouting has taken effect. A wonderfully fabulous University of Michigan sorority has won a huge fundraiser raising money for UNICEF. Sprig Hair studio 21 donated 50 cosmetic bags filled with travel sized products, samples, polish, candy and other fun things. I still do not know who won but I am excited to see the girls sporting their Sprig Sprouts! Hope you post pic’s on Instagram! Congratulations for winning the clothing into money drive!!!

  This is social media project Sprig Hair studio 21 has launched using Instagram to connect people together. The goal is to get 1000+ pictures linked to @sprighair  and with the hashtags of #sprig_sprout #whatsthatontopyohead #epipyhte.of.human
 Watch as sprouts grow and help in sowing the seeds ….
 Place sprig_sprout in your hair, anywhere is fine. I like mine in the crown of my head. Take a picture, selfie perhaps or even on a stick and with friends! Post it to your own Instagram feed, follow Sprig Hair on Instagram to keep updated with trends and progress of this campaign.
  Let’s get 1000+ photo’s of fun-der-ful fabulousness together! Challenge your friends; do they have a sprig_sprout yet? share and get creative! Wear them out and about, traveling, daily or on a fancy date. Take selfies in front of iconic places such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel tower, and the at largest hairball in the world!
  Pick up your FREE sprig_sprout at Sprig Hair studio 21.  Located in the Sola Salons of Arbor Hills in Ann Arbor. 3050 Washtenaw ave. Ann Arbor, MI. 48104 (behind Anthropologie.)
 New Clients~ If you bring your sprout or the business card you found it on into your first appointment receive $10 off your service!!
   I would like to encourage YOU to make your own!!! As a whole, the  sprig_sprout wearable social project  is really fun, seeing what others create only adds to the fun!
  ** prizes will be awarded to a select few!! **
  If you do not wish to download Instagram it is still possible to follow this project on instagram.com, search for hashtags and boom you can get in on the goodness without having to sign up!