MOVING to 50 E. Cross st. DEPOT TOWN

WOW, what a year this has been and to think it is more than half way over! With much of this time I have rearranged my life and thinking, slowing down the pace some. Safety of keeping COVID free is first and foremost on my mind and in realness for me.

I have chosen to move my hair practice to Ypsilanti in the adorable historic district of Depot Town on Cross st. It is a special space I am renting and working on creating to ensure comfort and safety not only for myself but for my clients also.

I am proud and excited to be making this move and am doing everything that I can to try and get done with this and as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I can assure you I will have a safe, clean environment to care for you and your appearance with less worry than normal salons. It is my utmost highest priority to provide a service you can feel good about, on many levels.

More information to come as it all unfolds and I build my new space out. Thanks again, stay well!