Battle the winter dryness with these few tips

Dry winter hair: treatments and products to protect your locks this season

The effects of harsh weather and indoor heating can really dry out your hair in winter. However, there is plenty you can do to protect your locks. If you like the sound of keeping your hair in tip top condition during the colder season, check out these top hair care tips and click here for even more advice.

Keep it in good condition

During the winter your hair needs all the moisture it can get, and one of the best hair care tips is to use a conditioner every time you wash. It’s important to apply conditioner from the middle of your hair right to the tips, paying particularly close attention to the ends, as this is where your hair can be at its driest. Leave the conditioner to do its work for a few minutes before rinsing, ideally with lukewarm or even cool water to seal the moisture in.

Essential oil deep conditioning

Sticking with conditioner, applying a deep conditioning treatment once a week is going to help keep your hair moist. Look for products that contain essential oils such as baobab immortelle or argan oil and your hair will definitely benefit. Amino Acids like Arginine and Lysine help to repair hair also. You could take a few drops of essential oils and mix them with carrier oils like virgin oil to create your own hair mask. The best way to do it is to rub the oil mix between your palms and then rub all over the hair, right down to the roots. Leave for around 15 minutes and then thoroughly rinse with cool or lukewarm water.

Book a trim

As we’ve already mentioned, the tips of your hair are most susceptible to dryness and splitting in winter. The good news is that when you know that this could be a problem you can take matters into your own hands… well, the hands of your hairdresser, to be precise! Book in for regular trims to get rid of those split ends. Your hairstylist will also be able to recommend salon products, treatments and give you plenty of other hair care tips that’ll not only look after your locks in winter but all year round too.

Homemade remedies

There are a number of food sources you can use to help boost moisture levels and prevent breakage in winter too. One way is to attack dry and frizzy hair with raw honey. Simply remove tangles with a wide tooth comb, apply the honey from root to tip and then cover for half an hour before rinsing. The honey will seal in moisture and leave your hair shiny. Mashed avocado can also protect your hair from the effects of dry, cold weather. Mix it with a raw egg and apply to your locks. Your hair will soak up the combination of essential fatty acids and vitamins, and it’ll look and feel fab after rinsing.

Supplement your diet

When we think about protecting dry hair we often think about specific hair products; however, there are other things you can add to your shopping list. Foods like oily fish, leafy veg and nuts are full of nutrients like Omega 3 and antioxidants, both of which can play a huge role in keeping your hair healthy. If you’re struggling to get them into your diet, consider purchasing supplements that are high in nutrients like these.

These hair care tips are really going to help keep your hair moist and luscious this winter.

article by Joana Teixeiraclick here


6 things your hairdresser wishes you knew …

Although they won’t necessarily tell you, there are plenty of things that your hairdresser wishes you knew. There’s so much they can help you with, like learning how to use a curling wand, so it’s great if you can help them out a bit too, by being realistic about what you can expect. Let’s take a look at six of the biggest points your stylist would love you to know.

1. They want to help you learn. 
Hairdressers go through a lot of training so they have lots of knowledge to impart. Whether you want to know what color suits you, the best products for your hair type, or how to use a curling wand, make the most of their expertise and ask for advice and recommendations – they’ll be so pleased to help you!

2. A little notice goes a long way. 
Hairdressers totally understand that things come up at the last minute and plans change. But they also really appreciate it if you can give them as much notice as possible if you need to cancel. Hairdressers often hire a chair in a salon or work on commission, so an empty chair is a missed opportunity. They might also have a waiting list of clients who would love to jump in the newly available slot.

3. They love your input, but hope your expectations are realistic.
Hairdressers appreciate it when you take in a picture of a hairstyle you like, but bear in mind that the style might not be achievable for you. Drastic color changes are not always possible either, so be guided by their expertise. They’ll always offer an alternative that they’re confident will work best for you.

4. You get what you pay for
. There’s a reason you pay big bucks for the most senior stylist in a salon with an excellent reputation. A lot of money and effort goes into training a top hairdresser. Work out how much you’re happy to pay and do your research about the level of stylist and salon that amount will get you.

5. They really appreciate feedback. 
Sometimes you might not be 100 percent happy with the end result, and it’s definitely ok to tell your stylist how you feel. They’d much rather have the opportunity to put it right for you, rather than you leave disappointed. They’re professionals who take great pride in their work, and really rely on word of mouth to help build their client base.

6. It’s always ok to tip! 
As we’ve already said, hairdressers work largely on commission and rely on tips too. So unless the salon has a no-tipping policy, your hairdresser will really appreciate a tip. Anything from 20 percent up is great, and will definitely help your relationship with your stylist in the long run.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what your stylist wishes you knew before sitting in their chair you can use the information to build a great relationship. You want them to be happy and they want you to be happy, so it’s a win-win situation!

Author credit: Joana Teixeira

Big Holiday Savings with Big Holiday Cheer!

I find it very important to use quality product. Products that don’t gunk up your hair. That nourish and replenish stress issues which cause damage to your hair. Saving and sealing in your color and that add protection with it’s every use. Kevin.Murphy is a line that does just that. I absolutely LOVE it. Near every Wash, Rinse and Styling product is integrated in design with protectants from the sun, wind and heat tools. Maxi wash keeps it all in check with scalp health and detoxing impurities out of your hair and scalp.

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SPRIG goes to the FOOL MOON…

Once again I have joined forces with the Fool Moon luminary event of Ann Arbor.


Sprig Hair studio 21 with the Wonderfool productions and many, many other artists.


Community ART, share in bringing people together through creative expression. Luminary processions, shadow puppets, laser shows, performances, build your own SPRIG SPROUT, music, beer and much much more!


Friday April 1st, street party starts at 8pm-12am


Downtown in the streets of Washington/Ashely, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Cost: FREE


Sprig Hair studio 21 will be there on the streets helping YOU make one of a kind Sprig Sprouts. A fun little hair piece to wear any time. You will use all sorts of simple materials including LED lights to bring moon glow to your nighttime flora! All the this is FREE. It is a part of my social media instagram/twitter project.



There will also be “BLINKIES” sold for $10. Sit and decorate your funky glowing “blinkie” headband and support local art. All proceeds go to help the Foolmoon/Festifool events to happen. Craft supplies provided by Sprig Hair studio 21.

The FoolMOON and Wonderfool productions is a non-profit organization and is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary. This party should be a blast, seriously come down and check it out! ….

Upcoming event just days away!!!

I would like to extend an exclusive invitation my friend Pamela Pettway, of is offering to my clients. This Saturday 2/28/15 she is hosting a days long event for a Hydra Facial skin rejuvenation treatment. Normally this treatment is priced at $150 for a 30 min. session, but this Saturday she will be offering it for just $50!! A savings of $100! She’s hoping to fill her books for this VIP event, but if you are unable to make this Saturday contact her, mention Sprig Hair and she will honer the discount for the whole month of March. It’s something that will awaken any face from the blustering winter dryness.

If you are interested you may call or text her at *%*-*#@-9052. (please contact me) Pamela operates her business just down from mine and I adore her very much!

Thank You all so much! I  am so happy to share this with you and I look forward, as always, to seeing you at Sprig Hair studio 21.

Cheers! ~Claire