booking looks like…

Thank you for being awesome and amazing with your patience and support. I am ready to work and ready to take care of you and your quarantine hair!

Booking will look different now during Covid times, all will be done by the hour. I am changing not only my location but how I am able to do business and hopefully with all of the effort can keep us all safe so we can get thru these scary and trying times together and still be looking good and like super fly and stuff 🙂

Not only is my new salon amazing but I have the opportunity to do hair outdoors on my little patio! I plan on making the ambiance of that just as amazing. I’ve found outdoor hair to be delightful and the safest we can be during the nicer months in Michigan anyhow.

I am still open to doing outdoor at home visits but at a much higher price. There will be a $50 travel fee on top of the new costs for my services. ie: haircuts will be $125. If you would like to book at home haircuts/color please contact me directly to set up a time.

You will now be required to put a card on file. It will not be charged just held in case of no-shows. The card is protected and secured by schedulicity. I still do prefer Cash as payment and checks, venmo, PayPal and cash app are more than welcome also. 

Thank you Kindly all, I am so very excited to see you!

Much Love, Claire

Trust in Salon products for you at home

It is now possible to order all of your product beauty needs online. Check out my NEW ecommerce store!

Unlike buying products off of Amazon, eBay or other means online all products sold thru Sprig Hair and Premier Beauty are guaranteed by the companies themselves.

Order your favorites now, receive it in just a couple of days! Fast shipping is awesome!

Thank you for supporting me and my little business. Hope you are well in every way!

Cheers ~Claire

the move

WOW, what a year this has been and to think it is more than half way over! With much of this time I have rearranged my life and thinking, slowing down the pace some. Safety of keeping COVID free is first and foremost on my mind and in realness for me.

I have chosen to move my hair practice to Ypsilanti in the adorable historic district of Depot Town on Cross st. It is a special space I am renting and working on creating to ensure comfort and safety not only for myself but for my clients also.

I am proud and excited to be making this move and am doing everything that I can to try and get done with this and as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I can assure you I will have a safe, clean environment to care for you and your appearance with less worry than normal salons. It is my utmost highest priority to provide a service you can feel good about, on many levels.

More information to come as it all unfolds and I build my new space out. Thanks again, stay well!

Top 10 tips for gorgeous hair this summer

Top 10 tips for gorgeous hair this summer


As the sun comes out and we settle into the summer months there are more reasons why you will be looking to maintain gorgeous hair. Read on to discover ten tips to keep your hair looking gorgeous from using tea tree oil for hair care to how to wash and dry your hair.




Top 10 tips for hair care this summer


With family barbeques, evenings out with friends and more on the cards, you’ll need your hair to look great, so you can style it and look fabulous every time you leave the house. Here are our top ten tips to achieve healthy, gorgeous hair throughout the summer.


  1. Use oils like tea tree oil for hair care. There are so many reasons oils can help keep your hair looking fabulous. These include:
    • Moisturising your scalp and hair to prevent a build-up of excess oils so your hair looks less greasy.
    • Soothing dry, itchy skin to treat conditions such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.





  • Don’t wash your hair every day. Contrary to what you may believe, this actually causes your hair to become greasier due to stripping away your natural oils. This results in your scalp over producing the oils to compensate.
  • Don’t forget to condition your hair. Rubbing coconut oil into the ends of your hair is a great way to smooth, de-frizz, and moisturize your hair, as well as offering the perfect detangling product after washing.


  1. Always cover your head. Using a scarf or hat not only gives you that all important UV protection but also allows your scalp to maintain its natural oils and prevent dry, itchy skin.





  • Use a comb instead of a brush. If your hair is wet, it is in its weakest state. This means it could be easily damaged by using a brush. Instead use a wide tooth comb.
  • As the weather is warmer, avoid blow drying! Heat treatments are a quick way to style your hair but can cause lasting damage. Instead, allow your hair to air dry.


  1. Use loose, comfortable hair styles. A messy braid is the ideal choice as it not only gives you an element of control over your hair but also protection against the sun. Tight styles can pull or tear your hair, especially during the dry summer months.


Image :



  • Add extra UV protection with sun cream. After rubbing sun cream on your skin, run your hands through your hair to add a quick layer of protection.


  1. Shower before going into a pool. Wetting your hair under a shower or tap before jumping in for a swim will help protect your hair from damage caused by chlorine.
  2. Drink more water. Not only is this really good for your health, but also for your hair. Water is needed to keep your scalp and hair hydrated, and drinking more of it will lead to gorgeous, healthy hair from start to finish of the summer season.




With our guide to using tea tree oil for hair care and keeping a good hair routine you can be sure to have luscious locks all summer long.


Big Holiday Savings with Big Holiday Cheer!

I find it very important to use quality product. Products that don’t gunk up your hair. That nourish and replenish stress issues which cause damage to your hair. Saving and sealing in your color and that add protection with it’s every use. Kevin.Murphy is a line that does just that. I absolutely LOVE it. Near every Wash, Rinse and Styling product is integrated in design with protectants from the sun, wind and heat tools. Maxi wash keeps it all in check with scalp health and detoxing impurities out of your hair and scalp.

I also love the ease of using Kevin.Murphy products which just do what they are designed to do; not necessarily taking a lot of “styling work” for great results! Kevin.Murphy is a salon exclusive line. Yours truly, Sprig Hair studio 21 is one of only 4 salons in Ann Arbor to carry this world-class product line (and you won’t find any deals online!) Help care for your hair while supporting small local business.

I want YOU to LOVE Kevin.Murphy as much as I do. That is why I am offering great big savings on some products and all Holiday kit boxes on top of the great big savings already found on these kits.

For my color clients, to warrant long lasting color it is important that you use quality products when washing your hair. It cannot be fully guaranteed that Color outside of the salon will last, if at home you are using nasty shampoo and conditioner. Because of this I am gifting you additional savings on these kits, You could save up to $59 on just one kit! Which makes it a perfect time to try the various shampoos and rinses of this fantastic line.

You are welcome you to stop by and chat with me or log into to use the product matchmaker option and find Kevin.Murphy detailed advise on the love and care for your hair.

15% OFF Kevin.Murphy Gift Kits*
For AWESOME (stocking stuffers perhaps?)
20% OFF 3.4 oz. sprays and tubes**
$1 OFF 1.4oz travel shampoos/rinses and styling products.

WHAT ?!?! you get your hair colored by me?
receive an additional 10% OFF kits. A whopping 25% savings on top of the great deal that is already in the Gift Kits*!! Thank You for looking so good and being my color client.

With Holiday Cheer and Love for Hair ~ Claire

SPRIG goes to the FOOL MOON…

Once again I have joined forces with the Fool Moon luminary event of Ann Arbor.


Sprig Hair studio 21 with the Wonderfool productions and many, many other artists.


Community ART, share in bringing people together through creative expression. Luminary processions, shadow puppets, laser shows, performances, build your own SPRIG SPROUT, music, beer and much much more!


Friday April 1st, street party starts at 8pm-12am


Downtown in the streets of Washington/Ashely, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Cost: FREE


Sprig Hair studio 21 will be there on the streets helping YOU make one of a kind Sprig Sprouts. A fun little hair piece to wear any time. You will use all sorts of simple materials including LED lights to bring moon glow to your nighttime flora! All the this is FREE. It is a part of my social media instagram/twitter project.



There will also be “BLINKIES” sold for $10. Sit and decorate your funky glowing “blinkie” headband and support local art. All proceeds go to help the Foolmoon/Festifool events to happen. Craft supplies provided by Sprig Hair studio 21.

The FoolMOON and Wonderfool productions is a non-profit organization and is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary. This party should be a blast, seriously come down and check it out! ….