booking looks like…

Thank you for being awesome and amazing with your patience and support. I am ready to work and ready to take care of you and your quarantine hair!

Booking will look different now during Covid times, all will be done by the hour. I am changing not only my location but how I am able to do business and hopefully with all of the effort can keep us all safe so we can get thru these scary and trying times together and still be looking good and like super fly and stuff 🙂

Not only is my new salon amazing but I have the opportunity to do hair outdoors on my little patio! I plan on making the ambiance of that just as amazing. I’ve found outdoor hair to be delightful and the safest we can be during the nicer months in Michigan anyhow.

I am still open to doing outdoor at home visits but at a much higher price. There will be a $50 travel fee on top of the new costs for my services. ie: haircuts will be $125. If you would like to book at home haircuts/color please contact me directly to set up a time.

You will now be required to put a card on file. It will not be charged just held in case of no-shows. The card is protected and secured by schedulicity. I still do prefer Cash as payment and checks, venmo, PayPal and cash app are more than welcome also. 

Thank you Kindly all, I am so very excited to see you!

Much Love, Claire

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