Sprig’s Hideaway Healings

Bringing Hideaway Healings into the NEW YEAR of 2022

We can all use a little love and care these days. Hideaway services are a great way to combine self love from head to toe. Sprig specializes in hair. Claire listens with a tender ear and understanding for human experiences and feeling. Healings specialize in different areas of alternative healing for the mind and body. We know a lot of people experience difficulties in life with stress, chronic pain, anxiety and worry, Becca and Kristy provide relief with varying techniques and can help to support you on your way through it all. Try a consultation or combo and see if further sessions are right for you. Also a wonderful GIFT for someone you love or for yourself. Knowing what a hard world this is now that we live in we know many of you would benefit as I have with some extra support. 

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